California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Hawaiian / Latin
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No one would have imagined it then, but the journey that shaped one of California’s illest and most sought-after emcees began quietly in the early 90’s with a kid growing up in Gardena, CA, down the street from the Roadium Swap Meet. The same Roadium Swap Meet where much of the foundation of Los Angeles hip-hop was laid. Where Eazy-E and Dr. Dre were first introduced and rappers like DJ Quik and Ice-T sold their earliest albums. Also where much of the seminal rap from the East Coast was first introduced to L.A. listeners. As a young boy, Kahlee would secretly dub the cassettes he found his older brother and sisters listening to. It was from those dubbed cassettes that Kahlee was introduced to early L.A. rap, as well as other artists like the Beastie Boys, 2 Live Crew, Boogie Down Productions and others. Studying lyricism in all its forms, Kahlee first discovered his own abilities as a lyricist and crowd-rocker while freestyling at parties when he was still in high school. Quickly becoming addicted to the feeling of twisting words and hyping crowds, he decided to begin approaching his art form more seriously. In 2003, Kahlee began making a name for himself in the L.A. underground scene, gaining huge appeal amongst graffiti writers, thugs, backpackers and others. After performing with some of the biggest names in hip-hop (Cypress Hill, Dilated Peoples, Snoop Dogg, Psycho Realm, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Kotton Mouth Kings, Mobb Deep), and releasing his first group effort in 2005 featuring Sen Dog of Cypress Hill – Kahlee directed his energies towards creating his debut solo album, titled “Man of Many Hats.” The solo LP reflects His maturation as an artist, and is a diverse mixture of songs ranging from serious life lessons and personal experiences, to good ol’ party music. Kahlee enlists a roster of talented West Coast producers, including DJ Ace from Rhyme Poetic Mafia (Ice-T, Cypress Hill, Dogg Pound), Nameles, the Seoul Avenger, and Adikt 1, who combine to build an album full of bangers from beginning to end. In addition, He recruited the help of other top-notch emcees, including Free Speech, Knowa Laz (Q-York), I.Sheik (Revolution of the Mind) and Stones Throw recording artists Wildchild (Lootpack). “Man of Many Hats” offers something for everyone who appreciates true hip-hop. The title reflects much more than the number of Dodger caps hanging from Kahlee’s wall. It reflects the many styles and sides of this deeply creative emcee, hustler and hip-hop aficionado. He is a master wordsmith whose innovative concepts and relatable topics are appreciated by a diverse base of listeners; his passion is conveyed through every rhyme he projects. In addition to being a refined songwriter, He places the utmost emphasis on his live performances, viewing them as opportunities to create a deeper connection with his listeners. He consistently delivers energy and stage presence to every performance that he rocks. Unlike too many of his contemporaries, Kahlee has truly earned the title of “Master of Ceremonies.” Whether selling merchandise at a show, connecting with fans on-line, or passing out flyers on the street, Kahlee is always on the grind. He firmly believes that building contacts with DJ’s/promoters and utilizing all forms of traditional and new media are key to finding success as an independent artist. In just over 1 year, Kahlee has managed to share the stage with some of the most esteemed acts in the world of hip-hop, including KRS-One, Redman, Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan), Joell Ortiz, Murs, Evidence, David Banner and others. Not content to confine his talent to California, He has actively sought to expand his fan base through promotions and live performances in Mexico, Hawaii, and most recently throughout the U.S. and Canada while touring with fellow emcees Evidence (Dilated Peoples), Red Cloud & Propaganda of the Tunnel Rats. Kahlee will soon be back on the road to promote for the release of his LP, “Man of Many Hats.” Keeping his eyes open and his ear to the street, He continues to deepen his understanding of how to work the angles in all aspects of the game. Experience is truly the best teacher, and Kahlee embraces every lesson available.
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