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PUBLISHED:  Feb 28, 2010
JWB rocksGreat songs, great production and plenty of attitude to spare.

-Swede, Founder of the FatCat Radio Network (

John Wilkes Booth is back with three new songs featured on The Trilateral Commission. The CD is a three-way split featuring the bands Twelve Eyes and Maegashira, along with JWB. The band contributed the songs This Seat is Taken, Out From Under, and The Funky Laser Immune System Rickshaw (Amputee). These songs will not disappoint the Booth fans who have eagerly been awaiting the fulfillment of promises for new tracks.

Their debut full-length release, Sic Semper Tyrannis (which included a previously recorded self-titled EP), sold around the world and received favorable reviews with the expectation for more. The Metal Minute stated: If Merkle and company build on the strengths of their debut, they may soon give heavy music connoisseurs a new, fresher association with John Wilkes Booth. Ray Van Horn, Jr. called the band, a rapidly-developing band you're likely missing out on. Michael Gasper noted, This is one band to hang with. They will not be forced into a box anytime soon. Get ready for 15 tracks that will assassinate your ears.

If youve never heard of the band, listen to what Ripple Music says of their music:

This [is an] adrenalinized blast of what the boys affectionately call "dirt rock." In truth, there's no arguing that tag, this is dirty, ballsy, scuzzy and sleazy, hard biting, punked-up rock and roll. What the boys don't tell you however, are the masses of nasty little critters living in their dirt. A dirty, nasty trip and one you'll thank your lucky stars you took.

Since the formation of the band in 2005, the band has consistently recorded and played live shows while continually escalating their fan base. In May of 2008, Aural Fix, a Long Island magazine covering the local music scene, featured the band on the front cover. In 2007, John Wilkes Booth was chosen as a featured band on Fatcat Radio as well as selected as band of the week for Joes Podhole. In June of that year, they were voted by listeners as band of the month on local radio station, Radiox. Their debut Sic Semper Tyrannis appeared on several Top 10 Lists such as FatCat Radio in Detroit & Rockharder blog out of Sweden.

The bands popularity has also featured the foursome playing shows along the east coast with such national acts as The Hidden Hand, La Otracina, Zoroaster, Puny Human, Solace, Wooly Mammoth, and Wrecketh. The NY Speed Coalition reviewed the Booth show at Bar 131 and stated, The dirt rock assassins played an absolutely flawless set of bone shattering, ground shaking hard rock. In September 2009, JWB was asked to play the Stoner Hands of Doom 10th Annual Festival in Maryland. They are currently writing songs for their next release and looking for a few national dates.

Whether you are new to the band or a seasoned fan, listen to The Trilateral Commission and let John Wilkes Booths new tracks hit you like a bullet in the head.


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