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New York, US
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Hip Hop / Rap / R&B
Heyyyy there boys and girls

Here's another great one i got. Sent as a message AND a comment. Another dude who's mother didnt breast feed him enough or something i dont know

He wants attention lets give him some shall we?

i told saigon fuck him and now fuck you i should kick yall ass he dont wanna battle 4 50,000 cause he pussy but june first my shit drop in the world will here you2 fuckas dont want it with me im the yard father sucka think he good sucka think he can whip me a boy the nigga hole style is chumped and your beats suck fuck jay-z the camel ill show him what i got that rump shaker bullshit my beat all from the heatmakers nigga harlem who wanna what yeah you no ill pop ya top like a snapple son holla this can all be smoved out if ya boy come battle

This could actually all be smoothed out if someone bought dude a copy of Hooked on Phonics with the bonus period and comma pack

Thanks for coming out and God bless


What is your angle here u want press? here. i will give it to you for free


Everyone check this guy out a song called "Ride With Me" Apparently i stole it from him.

Or Jay did or something.

So since hes probably planning to "expose me" or something. I'll save him the trouble of having to type it out.

Or maybe his story is a joke that i'm taking the wrong way. if so bad joke man

I don't know you have never heard of you or your song before and thats pretty much it. I mean how old is this beat? Those who really know know those who don't let's just say you are a little late fam. you woulda got more hype if you tried this a LONG time ago

Oh yeah here's his page


There's your hype

Is this really what it's come to now? i mean I see the rappers do it all the time. but this? Sigh

You're flattered? More like flat period

PS I really hope you were making sum kind of twisted joke if so well i cant even really apologize for this just please don't do it again seriously. I'm no tough guy by any means but trying this with the wrong person could get you in serious trouble.

PSS on reading this back it seems the person in the myspace page and the soundclick page are 2 different people I don't get it I guess one is the "producer" or something. Whatever.

No i will not listen to your music

No. i will not give you feedback

No. I can't help you more than likely

Im still trying to figure this all out myself, you may think i have made it I haven't.

Whatever it is you think I've made or Wherever you think I have made it to . Let me know what or where it is. Maybe I'll see you you there if you get there too Or maybe I'll be working the toll when you get on that road. Or you can get an EZ pass and drive awn past me.

No I didnt get hacked

Really We are all very tired right now

And if I listen to YOUR music. I have to listen to everyone's music . That's a lot of music. and a lot of it it aint so good there buddy. then i end up like my good friend Ryan. The other Mr. West. He's the nice guy I used to be. Feel free to break out your spelling dictionaries if you feel this applies to you and you want to respond. Next week is dedicated to the phonetically impaired.


And Top O' The mornin to you all.


For those of you who sent spam/self promotion comments.

These are not automated "No's"

I personally type each "NO" with Time Love and Tenderness, No Bolton

Learn How to use a bulletin, whore

Some may call this Myspace Suicide. I look at it as the start of a new and refreshing outlook on life and the many spam-free joys it brings. =) Toodles!

Think I'll start doing this every day

Msg of the day:

In response to my bulletin:


From: Just Blaze

Date: Dec 25 2006 2:34 AM

R.I.P. Carl Blaze

But I'm still alive. Read folks. read


We have this message:

I just read articles but I can't seem to find anything beyond the 11th.any new developments? I have to say I am sorry to hear about this here on Christmas man because I had not heard anything before this and I am a great fan of your work. I hope your feeling better and santa best be getting you a new chain.

Merry Christmas Carl!




Lets think about this.

I'm letting the folks who dont read past 3 words in a sentence know that it was DJ Carl Blaze who unfortunately passed away. not myself. Ok so this guy obviously thinks well i don't know what he thinks but he think's im Carl sending out this message and he's telling me to feel better or something Umm What does he think R.I.P. stands for?


RIP James Brown and Carl Blaze

WOW! It Gets Better. cmon man:

Im here for you.

oh crap.u lost both ur parents?????Carl and James? damn omg ur loosing them day by day.i feel for u man, i know what its like. i mean u never know what u got till its gone. dont let it affect u. thats hard stuff. i remember just the other day u was posting about loosin mrs blaze.now i hear thisbut u will always carry the genes off the great james brown in u and he will rest in ur heart and up there wit God. and same with carl, im sure she was a great mother and great musician (dj??). so even though ur going though dramatic timeskeep it real


hit me up if u need further help

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