JULIUS QUINTUS: As a cloud passes the sun, so my life turns grey - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 27, 2013
Instrumental progressive rock.

JQ is a collaboration with my good friend Julien Claassen. We met through a shared interest in Linux audio and prog rock. This was recorded at our first recording session (and second ever actual meeting) in August 2010.

The piece was recorded in Ardour 2 in 2010 and mixed and mastered in Ardour 3 over the summer of 2013. The video was created in kdenlive.

J: Sampletekk Black Grand piano (in LinuxSampler), G-Force Virtual String Machine, G-Force M-Tron Pro (three violins, eight choir), NI Studio Drums (Hydrogen) played live
Q: guitars (SA503TVL, Les Paul), fretless bass, flute, percussion

Music: J&Q
Engineering, mixing & mastering: Q
Images: Q


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