Joshua Bartholomew - Miracle cover - Ryan - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 08, 2011

I'm down and out
I need repair
Can you fix my broken stare
I sit in your plastic chair
With plastic face and fake wire hair
Make me beautiful
Make me fair
At any cost, I don't care
I don't care

I'm crooked and cracked
I need some glue
I've got to fix my shattered view
I look out my electric tube
At electric sky and electric moon
Make them believable
Make them true
Whatever it takes, do what you have to do
What you have to do

I need a miracle
Someone to catch my fall
And help me through
I need a miracle
Love unconditional
I need you

I'm ripped and torn
I need some thread
I've got to sew my broken head
I lay down in my proverbial bed
Of which I've made and now must tread
I drink the wine
I break the bread
To a miracle
To a miracle of crimson red

I need you
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