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Press for Working in Love
It's albums like this that make me wish I could do more for artists. This is a very, very good CD. If you see these guys coming to your town, don't miss a chance to see them.
-Berkeley Place, Weblog
JH & P's new record, Working in Love, is a great mix of guitar driven pop, insightful lyrics and hooks. The band has the talent to make a nice little name for itself, so why not get on board early?
-Hero Hill Weblog
Cassius Clay is not only the best song on the album, it's one of the better songs of 2007.
-Captian Obvious Weblog
There is never a dull moment to be found on the impressive Working In Love.
Obscure Sound, Weblog
Cruising the backroads at night with this album as your soundtrack is something close to musical bliss. I am starting to think that Jon Hardy and The Public are one of St. Louis' best kept secrets. I have a feeling that will be changing soon.
-Your Standard Life, Weblog
Jon Hardy and The Public just released an excellent album called Working in Love, and I have been listening to it nonstop for two weeks. The band has been described as alt-country, but their use of horns, xylophones, and shimmering guitars makes them far more than that.
-Dividing by Zero Will Get You Nowhere, Weblog
Jon Hardy and The Public tread in Americana's dreamier realm, thanks to chiming, echo-laden guitar strokes and big-hearted choruses that threaten to tear songs apart at their seams.
-The Riverfront Times, Weekly

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