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THE UPRISING is a band from Orange County, California with oldschool roots in the OC punk scene. THE UPRISING is the bastard son of EL CENTRO (OC punk rock since 1993). THE UPRISING is comprised of 4 members, three of which have played together in bands for the better part of 15 years. THE UPRISING's sound is a solid, politically charged OC punk sound. THE UPRISING is Crabby on vocals, Brett on guitar, and Danny on drums.

THE UPRISING's first release will be a 6 song CD EP called "We Don't Belong". The new material is being recorded under the watchful eyes and ears of Greg Hetson (Bad Religion/Circle Jerks) and Jim Monroe (NARC studios) who are producing the CD for the band. Also showing their love for this project is Jim Lindberg (Pennywise), who sang guest vocals on the new CD EP. It's been a real honor for THE UPRISING to work with these guys over the past months.

Probably the most amazing thing about THE UPRISING is the fact that they are even able to play today. In 2002 the bands singer Steve "Crabby" Cabler was in a nightclub in Bali, Indonesia when a 2000lb terrorist bomb killed over 200 people. Crabby lost his best friend in the blast (RIP Steve "Webby" Webster), and was severely injured himself. He had a broken scapula, blown out cochlias in his ears, and third degree burns on his ears, hands, and elsewhere.

Burned and broken, Crabby returned to the US not able to pay his rising medical bills or rent, etc The US government turned their back on Crabby since he was not a victim of terrorism on American soil like the 911 victims. The punk rock community (Pennywise, US Bombs, Unit F, Shattered Faith, DI, The Rolemodels, Drain Bramaged, El Nada, The Line and Arkham, special props to Troy Eckert and Volcom) however did NOT turn their back. The punk rock community came together for a benefit show which raised enough money to pay Crabby's medical bills and get him back on his feet.

Crabby has since overcome most of his physical injuries, and despite doctors telling him he would never be able to sing again.He's making more noise than ever. It turns out he and the band have something to say.

ADD THESE VIDS TO YOUR PAGE!!!the uprising - enemies

the uprising on the road to arizona and vegas.

the song is "find the time" from our EP





"war was imminent

but who is to blame

give the people back

something to believe in

dont rely on hollow pride

they hid the truth and told you lies

politicians tried

liars all the same

give the children back

something to believe in

grab a gun and pick a side

they're poisoning your brainwashed minds

life is everywhere

then it's gone away

soldiers innocence

something to believe in

oil companies will decide

the future of american ties

politicians lied

but who is to blame

give the children back

something to believe in

taking lives will never change

the hatred man has prearranged

tell them we dont belong

we dont fit inside your frame

society just looks away

we dont belong."

we read all of the comments and messages people send us, and even try to respond to most (sometimes it takes a while, and we are always catching up!!), but every once in a while we get a message from someone that is so fucking cool we have to repost it here on our page. we got this one recently from a person who obviously understands what we are trying to get across with our music.Since you guys like to put up so many goddamn bulletins, I've read a few, and I must's very fucking pleasing to know that there are still punk bands that are angry about the state of things in this great(?) country.

So, from myself - a general nobody.for now - to you, I'd like to thank you guys for sticking with something when it's so easy for things to be changed by money.

You guys are proof, and inspiration for likeminded people that we're not islands of resistance in this country, and that we are a united front for progressive change.

Public opinion, as you probably know, turned against the war some time ago, and you guys are helping to cultivate that turn and reinforcing the validity of it. So thanks again.

As an activist, an anarchist, a humanist, a Northeast Liberal's always a pleasure to find support for a similar cause in any form. From veterans groups, to firefighters, to student groups, to punk rock bands.

In the United States, we are many things. We also are stereotyped as lacking intellectual fortitude, but one thing America has never lacked is musical talent. Advocating progressive reforms through music is one of the greatest utilizations of that art ever attempted.

We are addicted to music in this country, and, for those who make music, to add a message to it is one of the most honest, direct, and noble things one could do with their own unique manipulation of sound.

As activists against this war, this president, this government, we are all united. Through all of your bulletins, your commitment to change is reinforced each time. From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to Dr. Greg Gaffin, and even before that.there have always been people working, struggling, striving against the status quo to deliver an improved standard of happiness, equality and liberty to generations of Americans.

Sometimes our acts are small, like spraypainting "BUSH" under the letters in a STOP sign, sometimes they're headline news - like free concerts in downton L.A. during the 1999 Democratic National Convention (R.I.P. RATM), but they're all equally important in the continued fight of the people to protect their liberty.

So, thanks for your past and continued efforts, the support you provide by taking a stance and making it public which in essence one of many acts that forms the backbone to resistance.

Keep fighting, keep making music, keep resisting, and come out to the fucking East Coast sometime.




   we're not for who is making the decisions andwe're not for the decisions that are being made
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