Johnny Pisano

Brooklyn, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician

I've Recorded and Toured worldwide with Jesse Malin, played on the Bellvue stuff "The Fine Art of Self Destruction", "The Heat" and various singles including "Broken Radio"

Recorded with Ryan Adams Played on "Rock n Roll" and "Love Is Hell Part 1, and Part 2"

Recorded and Toured worldwide with Marky Ramone and the Intruders (the drummer of the Ramones) played on "The answer to your problems"

Played with Deborah Harry,

Played with the Counting Crows (as guest),

Played with Joan Osborne (she played drums) as guest.),

Played and Sang with Bruce Springsteen (as guest),

Was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien with Jesse Malin

Was on MTV for interviews and in videos with Marky Ramone and Jesse Malin

Played in "Baby Wants Candy" an improv. comedy rock opera at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater & other various theaters.

Played electric and upright bass on the sountrack to the movie "A Perfect Stranger" starring Bruce Willis, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum.

Was in the movie "A Perfect Stranger" Playing electric and upright bass.,

Was in the movie "Margaret" playing upright bass in the pit of the Metropolitan Opera House.,

Was in the orchestra of the movie "August Rush" starring Robin Williams playing upright bass.,

Was in the movie L.L. playing electric bass, Director: Amos Kollek"

Was in the movie and on the soundtrack for "Never Forever" in the jazz quartet playing upright bass,

Appeared in the T.V. shows "Damages" & "Play or be played" playing upright bass.,

Played in the off off bway play "Arpeggio" @ the 45th st theater,

Played in front of "The Charlotte and Omaha Symphony Orchestra" in "A Tribute to the Rolling Stones" ,

Played "Duke Jupiter" in "One Night Only" a short film by Ashley Denton wanna see? copy and paste this: ,

SAM'S SONG (sans lyrics) appears in a short film called "Its me Mathew" Director/ Producer/ Actor/ Writer Michael Ferreira aka Michael McDerman,

Various work as an "Extra" in movies and T.V. including The Sopranos, Saturday night live, Law and Order, White Collar, Definately Maybe, I hate Valentines day, the Black Donelly's, Six Degrees, Knights of Prosperity, Human Giant, etcetc. Various "Stand in" work, Working with Wes Craven & other accomplished directors ,

Also Recorded and Toured with Marah, Willie Nile, Mary Lou Lord, Bree Sharp, Don Dilego, The Benjy Davis Project, Johnny Lives, Chris Volz, Chris Murphy, Alice Smith, Ruby James, Lynda Kay Parker, Shae Fiol, Kirsten Thien, Lost at Sea, Sonovagun, Ashleigh Flynn, Joe Rathbone, Lou Rose, Suzanne Fiore, Indro, The Blushing Brides, The Niagaras, Todd Carry, Musiciens Sans Frontiers, Mike Kehr, Johnny Black, Underground Society, The Travoltas, Crispy Brown, X-Davis (playing keyboards), Kyle Addison, Daniel Palmer, J Henry, John Scott, Andrew Hoover, and other various artists

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