Johnny Nightmare

Tiny Town, Vælg din region., Da
Artist / Band / Musician
Psychobilly / Punk / Rockabilly
Crazy Love Records
Back in the day Johnny Cash sung about a Psychobilly Cadillac (“One Piece At A Time”), made from stolen parts of other cars. Likewise the monster of Frankenstein was made of parts from different bodies. So what could be better than combining all the great parts of rock’n’roll in one genre: PSYCHOBILLY. The Johnny in Johnny Nightmare represents the rockabilly and country roots, while Nightmare represents the horror and punk inspired side of the band. A two-faced psychobilly demon was born!!!
Winter 2006; Dax (bass and vox) and Butch (guitar) met up at a local bar and decided to form a new psychobilly band. A lot of beer went down the hatch that night and the guys soon discovered a common fascination of Johnny Cash, psychobilly and old horror movies.
After a while Bone (drums) joined the band, and JN began to write and rehearse material in a little cottage in the country. It was a freezing cold winter, so the boys had to play fast to keep warm. The songs had lots of old school inspiration combined with a modern touch in both sound and songwriting. In 2007 Johnny Nightmare signed with Crazy Love Records and had their debut as a live act – supporting the American psychobilly legend The Quakes in Flensburg.
Today Johnny Nightmare has released two albums on Crazy Love Records and a split EP with Vulture Club from Finland on Jungle Records. JN has played shows in Denmark, Germany, England, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Spain and Russia e.g. Psychomania Rumble, Club Sin, Barnyard Rumble, Wreck & Thunder and Psychobilly Meeting. So look out for these crazy Danes and their No-Bullshit-Psychobilly!!!
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