John Martyn

Glasgow, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Folk Rock / Acoustic / Blues
One World

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This page is here to honor one of the greatest voices in popular music, Mr. John Martyn. As of now John does NOT have his own MySpace, but I'd like to say he can have our URL ( whenever he wants. John Martyn's music is some of the most incredible, most deeply felt music I have ever heard. The best of his songs manage to convey the greatest wisdom in very simple language. And it's sung by quite possibly the greatest singer of his time. His voice is a technical marvel, constantly working miracles. I like to say his voice is like maple syrup.

As far as where to start with John, my first advice to anyone is to avoid "best of" or "anthology" collections. John seems to undergo a complete transformation with every album. If you played "The Tumbler" and his work on "Road To Ruin" (an album he did with then-wife Beverly) back to back, you'd swear you were hearing two different people. And those albums are only a year apart. Each album is a journey, constantly taking you to new and different places you haven't been before, not with him.

I'd say to start with the classic "Solid Air", a perfect album in just about every way. Follow that with "Bless The Weather". If you're not completely hooked by then, there's something wrong with you.
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