John Boutte

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Jazz / Acoustic / Pop
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On Sundays as the red beans were soaking for Monday's dinner, John Boutte was awakened by the sounds of his New Orleans neighborhood. Voices carried over the fence from the church behind his home in the Seventh Ward, the home where his mother Gloria still lives, where most of his Creole family still lives and sings. Past the front yard, second-line parades rolled by, matching the madness of Carnival season and the transcendent joy of the jazz funeral. This roux of influences created John Boutte, and serves him to this day.

Who is New Orleans vocalist John Boutte?

Think of Nat Cole, and then of Jackie Wilson, and then of Marvin Gaye, and then of Sam Cooke, Joe Williams and Jimmy Scott. Not of them actually, but of the moods that surrounded them, and especially of their audiences. Think of the way they treated an audience, of the way they read the room. Think of how the audience felt about themselves on the way home. Then treat yourself to the music of John Boutte.

John has won Best Male Vocalist of the year at both the Best of the Beat Awards ('06 & '07) and the Big Easy Awards. His critically acclaimed collaboration with Cubanismo, Mardi Gras Mambo, won multiple awards including a Big Easy Award for Best Latin Album, and a Best of the Beat award for Best Latin Album by a Louisiana Artist.

Footage from the "Sing Me Back Home" Recording Session

2007 Review of the latest Putomayo compilation:New Orleans Brass


By John Swenson

"This collection differs from most Putumayo releases in that there's something new on it, a terrific version of "I'll Fly Away" sung beautifully by John Boutte and backed by an impressive band playing collective improvisation with the true second line spirit. It's a great track"
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