Jean Jacques Perrey

Artist / Band / Musician
Pop / Electro / Lounge
Oglio, Vanguard, Montparnasse 2000, Basta
Jean-Jacques Perrey is a legend, and a pioneer in the popular electronic music field. He was the second musician to ever own a Moog Synthesizer, and one of the first to record with it, way back in 1966. Over the past five decades, Perrey has released many classic MOOG albums, featuring his trademark crazy tape loops and his catchy original melodies. His theme "Baroque Hoedown" (co-composed with Gershon Kingsley) has been featured as part of Disneyland's much-loved "Main Street Electrical Parade" for over 30 years. Even today, Perrey's music has been sampled by countless popular Hip-hop and Rap artists, including Ice T, DJ Premier, Gangstarr, and many others. At age 77, Perrey is still very much active, and still creating "Music for Smiles and Laughs".

Perrey comments: "Today, more than ever, mankind continues to face so many negative influences. So, many years ago I decided to make it my musical mission to contribute by bringing more optimism, humor and faith in the future to all my brothers and sisters of this planet."

His 22nd album, "Destination Space" (Oglio Records) was released on September 23rd, 2008. It is on, as well as iTunes. The CD is a new collaboration with musician Dana Countryman.

This is the official myspace account of Jean-Jacques Perrey. He wishes that if you wish to contact him, please visit his guestbook on his website to leave a message.

For bookings of concerts, lectures, or to license the music of Jean-Jacques Perrey, please contact his daughter, Patricia Leroy at

Thank you very much friends, and in the words of Jean-Jacques, "Keep Smiling"!
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