Jesse James Kingston

Artist / Band / Musician
Gold Coast Records
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Jesse was born and raised in Woodstock, a small country town in upstate NY. Poor in the pocket, yet rich in history and spirit, it is a place of mystery and wonder. Ghosts haunt the woods, and many NYC artists escape there, trading the rat race for a life of solidarity and nature. It is this peace and subtle fury that penetrates his music.

Raised by musician/artist parents, young Jesse was influenced by Dylan, Springsteen, Neil Young and once he discovered Pink Floyd, Led Zep and Radiohead in his teenage years, well then everything changed. Fast forward to now, after travels and tribulations, experiments in sound and life, and the songs have taken on a deeper understanding, a more observational tone. Of not only the characters around him, but the constant evolution inside him, inside all of us.

”Line Drawings” is Jesse's solo debut record, a guide map for his journey in life, bumps and all. He produced, engineered, and mixed it in his studio in downtown LA. "For even in despair there is always a glimmer of hope. Sometimes it just takes a melody to recognize it."

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