Jeremy Henry

Artist / Band / Musician
Electroacoustic / Emotronic
Jeremy Henry, better known as Haus of Glitch, is a remix artist and music composer/producer from Dallas, TX. He has received recognition in 8 international remix opportunities in the past year, including 2 Grand Prizes. Haus of Glitch's compositions were chosen to be official remixes for Laurie Anderson, Weezer, Amanda Palmer and Electric Valentine. He has also produced remixes for OUTMusic award winners Jasper James and Kid Akimbo. Haus of Glitch has gained attention for not only his remixes, but his megamixes. A composition titled "It Starts With a Glitch" was used for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's production company hitRECord at the Summer In The City shows at New York's Pianos. His "unofficial" megamix of the cult web-series "Very Mary Kate" was shared by actress Elaine Carroll on her website and Facebook pages.
Haus of Glitch has a cat named Nashville Thunderpussy, and he is awesome.
Grand Prize Winner: Laurie Anderson "Only An Expert" Remix Contest (chosen by Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed)
Grand Prize Winner: Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi "Symphonies" Remix Contest
Winner: Spinning Bird Kick Mixtape Opportunity for Beautiful Kitch's "Bird Song (Haus of Glitch Mix)
Runner-up: Weezer "Love Is The Answer" Remix Contest
Runner-up: Jelli Radio Opportunity (June 2011) for Beautiful Kitch's "Bird Song (Haus of Glitch Mix)
Judges' Pick: Amanda Palmer "Map of Tasmania" Remix Opportunity
Honorable Mention: Slightly Stupid "The Fruits" Remix Contest
Shout-out from Freelance Whales "Hannah" Remix Opportunity
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