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Hardcore Masif
As a Producer and DJ, Suae is known as Australia's champion of the Harder Styles, playing a diverse range of Hardstyle, Hardance and Hardcore. With residencies spanning Australia 's major club nights and festival events such as Magic City, Utopia, & Defqon 1 - it is little wonder that Suae has the WORLD shuffling with regular National and International tours to destinations such as the UK, US, Canada, Thialand, & Vietnam.
In Australia's prolific 'In the Mix Top 50' poll, Suae is currently placed as Australia's third biggest name in the Harder style genre. He is ranked overall as No. 21 in the country - positioning himself within the Top 10 DJ's for NSW.
Representing the harder styles for 'Ministry of Sound Australia', Suae has been part of the success of the Maximum Bass Album Series - which consistently hits 'GOLD' status in the ARIA charts. Check out his latest mix on 'Maximum Bass Ultimate'!
With 8 commercial compilations under his belt, Suae's tracks and remixes are also signed to super labels such as MOS Aus, Masif, Executive, Liquid Hardcore, Central Station Records & Recycled Records. His latest tune 'Cooler Than Me', has been signed by the colossal German label, Zooland Records (ala Cascada, DJ Manian) and has appeared on many compilations in 2011 worldwide. It seems there is no stopping in sight for Sydney's legend of the harder styles!
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