Jarle Bernhoft

oslo, NO
Artist / Band / Musician
I had this idea of writing an album about my home town, Oslo. It came out (in Norway anyway, shit difficult to get hold of anywhere else) in September 2008, under the title 'Ceramik City Chronicles'. I still like it. Right good that is, I've played the songs about a bazillion times, rehearsing and gigging quite a tad. In January 2010 a double live album called '1: Man 2: Band' is released, again with some proNorwegian bias (seriously, I try to avoid this protectionism, but music bisnis is like a cage) Some of the gigging you can hear and see here even, marvellous high tech possibilities indeed. In early spring, there'll be a new album out, called >'Solidarity breaks'. You might want to check it out, I promise it'll be available in a larger geographical area this time around.Squeeze it, but don't hit it. Wear it on your wrist, but don't lick it.
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