Japhia Life

Pennsylvania, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Alternative / Other
Arms Out Ent./The Internet!!!
Not many artists can say that they may become responsible for sparking the next phase in the evolution of an entire genre. If things continue to transpire the way that they are Japhia Life may be that very artist. Born and raised in Philly by his father a bible teacher, and his mother a gospel singer and pianist. By age fifteen Japhia found himself headed down the wrong path, and eventually sitting in a dope house focused on living out his street dreams. Eventualy Japhia realized that his ability as an emcee could provide the escape from the trappings of his environment that he so desperately needed. In 2001 he inked a deal with a Los Angels based indie hip hop label called Ready Rock Records, and released (Pages of Life) which was compared to (Illmatic & Reasonable Doubt), and hailed a hip hop classic in the underground hip hop market.

Weaving creativity with heartfelt lyricism has proven to become an explosive combination in terms of his fan base. He was recently featured in an article in (URB Magazine) that starts off by mentioning him as being the heartfelt voice that will be heard by this generation, and the future of Hip Hop. "It's humbling to be named among the next generation of artists. But I'm really just trying to convey a message and impact this generation." He has been generating a firestorm of interest, making his own lane and using the Internet to brand himself as an artist by releasing mixtapes which contain all original material and production by Hip Hop notables, as well as launching his blog "Everyday Dropoff", (www.everydaydropoff.blogspot.com). He is currently in the process of working on his highly anticipated album "Westside Pharmacy", writing a novel, and setting up domestic and international tours. "I remember a time in my life when I thought I may not make it to see 18, so for me to leave my city, and go around the country and over seas, and see the response is mind blowing. I know that God has a purpose for my life, and that I'm in this industry for a reason."
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