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Heavy metal has come home to southern California and in no small part to LA's best: Jameson. Armed with the attitude of their predecessors, Jameson's bone crushing groove is the product of five well educated masters with a chip on their shoulders, determined to shred their way onto the metal scene. Combining the classic elements of thrash with the up-to-date crush and urgency of the modern metal underground, Jameson creates a universal groove that appeals to any fan of heavy music, anywhere in the world.
Jameson was formed in Hollywood, California in February of 2006, when Musician's Institute students Dan Ranada and Ryan Dial teamed up with a fellow student and drummer to apply their skills and form a heavy metal band. The trio already had riffs in place when bass player Jay Brennan, also a student and Dan's roommate, joined the group. Within a week, a young vocalist from New Jersey, Matt Bomb, caught the word that a new group would need a singer. Matt and his roommate, a drummer named Chad Keith, joined the party almost immediately.
It wasn't long before the five-piece had recorded and released their first independent EP, Keep the Change. A title which would prove ironic with the loss of guitarist Ryan Dial shortly after. The EP was a dominating success throughout the LA underground scene, creating a buzz among local fans. Jameson quickly picked up MI graduate Ben Robbins to keep the momentum going; an addition which has defined the band as a headlining force to be reckoned with. As the band became champions in the local scene and on the internet, caught them a spot on the 2007 Van's Warped Tour.
The now-complete arrangement once again entered Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland to record and self-release their critically acclaimed first full-length album: Down for the Count . The album seamlessly combined the elements of groove and thrash that Jameson holds close to, and solidified the staying power and relevance of modern American heavy metal. Since its release in May of 2008, the album has become available on CD baby, Rhapsody, iTunes, Napster and even Amazon. com. Keeping with the times, Jameson has become a staple in the Myspace music scene, creating a fan base that spans five continents and yields hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide. Locally, the band has become a favorite at hometown clubs such as The Viper Room, The Roxy, The Key Club and the Whisky a Go-Go.
With their sights set on relentless touring and a devastating follow-up to "Down For The Count" coming in 2010, Jameson has all the fuel their fans need to keep them coming back for years to come.

"I've been saying for years that the bands putting out the best metal nowadays are unsigned, and now I have proof. Hailing from Los Angeles California, Jameson are here to knock the metal world on it's ass. Taking the "hard work over a gimmick" approach, they've just self published their debut album "Down for the Count", and I have to say it's one of my favorite albums so far this year. They combine superb musicianship with catchy riffs to assemble songs that are instantly memorable, something a lot of thrash bands struggle with.
One of my favorite things about the band has to be the fact that they aren't afraid to show they're having fun, and don't take themselves too seriously. From tongue in cheek song titles like "Get to the Choppa" and "Rocktimus Prime", to calling bass player J.B. the "low frequency love machine operator" they show that metal doesn't always have to be so serious. When it comes to the music itself though, it's all business. From vocalist Matt's guttural screams to the searing leads of "shredstick" operators Dan and Ben the album is an unrelenting sonic blast to the gut.in a good way. Make no mistake, this is metal for true metal fans. There's nothing watered down or dumbed down about this album, and that's the best part. The members of Jameson are true metal fans and that shows through in their writing and performing. If you're tired of the crap the record companies keep pumping out to us, this album is for you.
I really can't recommend this album enough. Lots of albums drop into my lap, and I'm always skeptical of new metal bands because they just have a tendency to sound the same. That's not the case with Jameson. They put their own spin on conventional thrash metal and it's a welcome one. Do yourself a favor and check them out at www.myspace.com/jamesontheband and buy their album!"
-Jason, www.musicinfusion.com
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