James Buckley Trio

Artist / Band / Musician
Jazz / Pop / Experimental
James Buckley Trio has been a band 5 years. We are primarily a jazz band that plays my original compositions. I play upright bass in this band, as well as write all the music. The other band members are JT Bates and Bryan Nichols. I started playing jazz with Bryan Nichols, the keyboardist 15 years ago. Around 11 years ago, I started playing with JT in several different groups, including bands at the clown lounge, located in St, Paul, MN.:::::::::
Has recorded with include Mystery Palace, James Buckley Trio, Dosh, Alicia Wiley, Robert Skoro, Poor Line Condition, Jon Rodine, Roma Di Luna, Digitata, Mel Gibson and the Pants, The Pines, Robert Skoro, Chris Thomson, Minor Kingdom, Okee Dokee Brothers, Gayngs, and Chris Koza.
Has performed with other artist/groups including Mystery Palace, Alicia Wiley, The Pines, Gayngs, Dessa, James Buckley Trio, Robert Skoro, Mike Lewis, Jazz is NOW, Thomson Quartet, the Blenders, Midwest Country, Kip Jones, Patrick Harison, Dessa, Highcrimes, the Dolly's, Poor Line Condition, We are Many, Bryan Nichols Quartet, Dean Granros, Jay Epstein, Dave King, the Dollys, Benoit Delbecq, Noel Akchote, Ted Nash, George Scot McKelvey, Tommy Barbarella, Ken Chastane, Noah Levy and Daniel Johnston.
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