Face of Kindness - Video
PUBLISHED:  Aug 19, 2016
First single from the group's upcoming full-length Blood Moon Blue.

Directed by Matthew Eckholm
Cinematography by Billy Straub

released August 19, 2016
Recorded, mixed and mastered February - March 2016 at Station House Studio by Mark Rains.

When I saw that face of kindness
In the middle of a crowded room
I forgot that a face of kindness
Could temporarily remove my doom

My friends and I were dancing to Blue Angel
When I felt two eyes staring right at me
So I pointed right to her
Like some early Nicholas Cage movie
Then ran through the crowd like the Devil was parting the sea

Then I kissed that face of kindness
And I almost knocked her off her stool
Ignored the faces of our friends behind us
But they all said that it looked so cool

And we kissed in a death grip
As of we had done this all before
Oblivious to all eyes watching
Like I was a soldier returning from war
And they all stood and cheered as our glasses shattered on the floor

I would have missed that face of kindness
Knowing I’m a fatalistic fool
But something tells me that this face of kindness
Just broke every single rule

We met under the Blood Moon
My heart beat euphoric
Rattling my own ribcage
She told me she had another heartbeat for me
Throbbing hard below her waist
Suddenly an empty room
We realized everyone had escaped

Jail Weddings is:
Gabriel Hart - vocals
Marianne Stewart - backing vocals
Kristina Benson - backing vocals
Christopher Rager - guitar
Neil Busch - bass
Marty Sataman - keyboards
Dave Clifford- drums

Julie Carpenter - strings

Seth Miller - hand model

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