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Funk / Hip Hop / Soul
Jahbhang was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since then he has traveled and lived all around the world. After much work and success in Minneapolis, Santa Cruz, and the Bay Area as a musician and political activist, Jahbhang got a little bored with life and headed off to live in Europe. After working on a ganja farm in Switzerland for a year, Jahbhang decided it was time to head up to Amsterdam. Here he studied martial arts and landed a job managing the Melkweg for the infamous Cannabis Cup. After two years in Amsterdam, Jahbhang decided to leave and divide his time between Germany and France doing odd jobs and learning the respective languages. Eventually he made his way to his favorite country, Slovenia. Here is where he completed the majority of his first album, “Let It Drop". He was able to gain notoriety as one of Slovenia’s predominant dancehall freestyle artists. This, in turn, enabled him to hook up with some of Europe’s most stupid fresh funk and jazz musicians and begin working on his newly developed sound. Jahbhang’s mission is to spread funk, love, and tolerance throughout the world. His style is self described as “a groovy little old school jam with a new school twist.”

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