Jaco Pastorius Style Groove Breakdown - Lesson with Scott Devine - Video
PUBLISHED:  Aug 07, 2013
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When I first heard the legendary bassist Jaco Pastorius my life was changed forever. Up until that moment the only bass players I'd ever really heard were simply doubling up the guitar line or simply grooving in the background.

I first heard him playing on the tune 'Havana' by Weather report, and still to this day his performance on that recording blows my mind. I strongly urge you check it out after you've watched this lesson.

The thing that made Jaco Pastorius stand out for me was his 16th note style grooves. They were so rhythmically powerful but at the same time had a melodic depth that I hadn't heard any other bassists reach.

In this bass lesson I have constructed a groove that demonstrates exactly how to use these 16th note type grooves and most importantly how you can get them into your own playing vocabulary.


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