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Grunge / Punk / Rock
Wondertaker Records, http://www.wondertaker.com
You probably already know what I've been doing for the past 20+ years: producing 350+ albums in ten countries; playing guitar on six Skin Yard records, bass for Wellwater Conspiracy, making 3 solo records, and currently playing lead guitar for Kandi Coded. Friends list below includes some bands I've produced/recorded lately (check 'em out!) plus some other good friends. I also recorded 5 gold or platinum records for my friends Titás in Brazil, between 1993 and 2005. Oh yeah, and there was that first Nirvana record too. ;-) Still producing. and still playing. Just about to start another serious playing/touring phase as Kandi Coded's new record hits the streets.
The first 3 tracks above are from the upcoming new Kandi Coded record, "Fell For The Gift," to be released 2/23/2010 by Volcom Entertainment (yes there will be vinyl). Kandi Coded is Jamie Lynn on guitar and most lead vocals, myself on lead guitar and some vocals, Johnny Graziadei on drums and some vocals, and Sam MacDonald on bass and backing vocals. We all write and we all sing.
"Hurt Til It Bleeds" has Johnny singing lead and was written by me, Johnny and Sam. We recorded it the same day we wrote it.
"Hide my Tracks" is my tune and I sing lead.
"Walk Away" has Jamie singing lead and was written by all of us.
The next 4 tracks are from my 2006 solo record "Permanent Fatal Error" which you can find on iTunes and the other download sites, and physical CDs at CDBaby. If you to buy a CD from me personally, just write. I'll sign it for you, whatever.
On "Count Me Out" I sing and play guitar, assisted by drummer Josh Sinder (Accüsed, TAD, Gruntruck, The Insurgence) and bassist Alex Sibbald (Accüsed, Gruntruck, Toe Tag).
On "Bringing Me Down" I am assisted by drummer Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Skin Yard) and bassist Rob Skinner (Coffin Break, Pop Sickle).
On "Van Allen Wrench" I play everything, although Barrett suggested the title.
On "Swallow The Acid" Barrett Martin is drumming, and Pat Pedersen (Skin Yard, Sister Psychic) plays bass.
"Suspension of Disbelief" is the final track on my 1992 record "Endino's Earthworm" and features me on guitar, Greg Gilmore (Mother Love Bone, Ten Minute Warning) on drums, and Daniel House (Skin Yard) on bass. It was 100% improvised on the spot.
The last one "Tiger Lake 1983" was recorded in 1983 at Tiger Lake, near Belfair, WA on my 4-track TEAC, using a Roland TR808 drum machine. It has never been officially released anywhere.

Thanks for reading and listening!
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