Isolated Now Waves

Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Acousmatic - Tape music / Minimalist
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V A N I T Y L A B E L ,.,,.,.,.,.,.,/////// Paypal Preferred Everything's $7ppd except where noted // SPECIAL NOTE FOR VINYL:12" Records are $18ppd in Canada / $22ppd USASorry this seems crazy but postage prices are fucking mental! $10 to ship within Canada & $13.25 to ship to USA !!!! NUTZ! So really I'm only making about $8/record.It's better to order a couple things. I always throw in extraz too. PAYPAL ADDRESS: Available Now:


Bitches bring the groove crunch to the max. The UK duo makes you dance laugh and cry the tears of men! Includes a gritty radio set from their breif visit to the US /// SHPX set the fire to the flames via the Nitetrotter attic. Rec on the last US tour in Chicago.//// Ltd. 50 copies

MONGST "DE-COLONISATION" 1-Sided 12"Bloody crazy new 12" from Jerm VW from SHPX/Aerosol/Christian Marks. Totally honed-in hard core 90's style 4track doomGerm playing all the instruments here. Thinking of lizard-like grooves under punishing scrapt/out vocals. Covers + B-side is screened./// Ltd. 220 copies.

BLOOD KLUB 2 Comp 7"This is part 2 in series////Features 4 Vancouver bands>>KOBAN///MONGST///YELLOW THIEF///N.213/////Hand screened covers limited to 100 copies per band.

TOTALLY RIPPED "OSMOSIS" 1-Sided 7"Unfortunately the last we'll probably hear of this group of sludge carnage feast of infection. Features a colab from Uncle Colin somewhere in the super extended 9 minute single sided single. /// Screened/Ltd. 200 copies

MEAT CURTAINS/POMPOIR split c20What a brilliant mix of trash & crime! Halifax's gnarly Meat Curtains slay down the party terror while Pompoir slimes it up w/ mixed up formula of epic styles. Two covers to collect!! /// Ltd. 100 copies.


AEROSOL CONSTELLATIONS + BIRD COSTUMES colab CDRThis beautiful sounding collaboration comes packaged in a screened 7inch sleeve. Truly fantastic album! /// Ltd. 100 copies


Our latest birthing brought on by wicked change and exploration/evolutionary PINk! We are now a 2 piece, this our nouveau crime. 17 tracks all recorded by SHPX in the mouldyness & mastered by josh stevenson. 300/Black & 100/Whitesmear vinyl. Silkcreened covers


400 - black / 100 - Yellow // 180g Wax. Nu/Old art by Andrea Lukic.

ORA COGAN "The QUARRY" LP Ora's brand new luscious record is here! Totally beautiful and packed full of layers of soft soundscape/dark folk drone meditations! Recorded meticulously by Jesse Taylor at Nite Prison in East Van. A lot of work went into this breathtaking new effort! A masterpiece in epic song writing from one the best and unique artists around! Vinyl ltd. to 500 copies / CD also available.

POMPOIR "EXPLODING TIME" 1-SIDED 12" EPBrand new 12" EP from sassy punkers Pompoir. Six tracks recorded by Jesse Taylor at the Moldy Village & Nite Prison. Awsome grunge in the garage revival! Screened B-Side and covers! Limited to 300 copies! >>> Members of SHPX, IXQUIC and BRUTALLY HANDSOME. Eat em up--YUM!

TO LIVE & SHAVE IN L.A./TOTALLY RIPPED split LP $18/Can - $22/U.S.Killer new split from these two amazing groups! TLASILA have been splicing and dicing their way from Hell and back for years now, and they deliver the goods!

T.Smith + crew give the gold. /// TOTALLY RIPPED have been around for a couple years now releasing a couple CDRS in very limited quantities while also performing around town in such groups as Shearing Pinx, Certain Breeds and Blackmage Check out this hand screened LP with gold labels. // Ltd. 400 copies

AEROSOL CONSTELLATIONS/BORN WITHOUT BONES split 1-sided 12" $10 (co-Thankless)AC bring the lowdown and BWB busts the walls down. //// Silk screened b-side and covers/// BLUE transparent wax /// Ltd. 300 cpoies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>N/E/X/T///>>HIGH CASTLE/SHPX split c20HOT FACE/SHPX split c20N.213 "FXGGXTRY" c40MONGST "PHILOSOPHY & THE MIRROR OF NATURE" c40MONGST "DED HEAT" CDR
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