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Peninah Njeri Ndegwa AKA Iseh Matata, born in Kenya. Raised in a christian and musical Family. Started singing at a tender age of 9 years.First in sunday-school,school festivals, as a soloist in kikuyu folkdance,being choosen as the best soloist enabled her school to perfom at lenana finals back in 90s.She figures it as an inheritance from her grandmother who revealed it to her the other day.She used to play the same roll in school,local dances.Very proud as she narrates.her love for reggae music is basically connected with rasta beliefs and philosophy. Freedom and justice.(UHURU) these two things have inspired her ever sinceit's not longtime since her grandfather passed away,had participated in freedom fighting!!! knows exactly what he had to go throughsufferation!!!zeen,en dat clawt mek i straaaang en tuff tiday!he had lost his right eye through mau mau movement.just a part of kenyan

historyanyway.back to music,her uncle was a well known distinguished singer and dancer.worked in nairobi but came home every weekend with a ghetto time!apart from perfoming in school,she was brought up in a christianity family.her mother as choir leader and a paris treasurer,choir member.grandfather as a clergy,her aunt as a choir membercousins,sisters,nieces.simply the entire family.she participated every sunday in singing,throughout her childhood.her homestead has been longtime a church sessions meeting point.every friday,christians gather to give thanks and praises.chanting till's the same today when she goes home.gospelpure happiness!still love the sessions.she recently perfomed during her aunts wedding ceremony,it's wonderful.the entire family serves jah at least and that's part of motivation and a bless from the

almighty.seen?music is joyheals di broken heartsthrough chant we ah survive and conquer dem evil temptations.despite a very strict family,she and her cousin could sneak the whole night outside,hiding themselves under mango or banana trees.used to call it bushdance,seen? takes a sigh.and concludes with,those were the days.having admitted highschool within nairobi area gave her the right opportunity,took the chance and started going to reggae-bashment.all over nairobi. she became a reggae addict as time went on.100% of private service vehicles,well known as(matatus)play loud reggae music!!! nuff good vibes pon every corner,go lunch where only reggae music plays especially down town.zeen.mi love dat! likewise in highschool,a fellow student(JUMA) could chant burning spears tunes dem along en di whole deh.keeping me inna HIGHER HEIGHTS.sitting for my o-level exams meant FREEDOM FI REGGAE EN to know some soundbwoy inna city.

shashamane international,offlate(achievers)monte carlo(king lion) holly wood (olly bau) jamboree,youngclube.t.c.mcing became a routine.Went spending the whole weekend eventually in dancehall, with a good male friend known as

DJ-JUNIOR.teaching her how to work out with turn-tables dem and ting. nevertheless,the reggae vibes instincts remained positive en haunting! seen.

She landed in germany 2003,started going to reggae scene straight away in leipzig where she resides.De situation has been tough but a lioness tougher than dat.after having attended every reggae bashment in leipzig,she managed to get some contact wid soundbwoy like: RONNY TRETTMANN,MIGHTY FLO,ERIC &

MISTAH K PON UPLIFTMENT SOUND.where she got her first reggae scene introduction sometime in august 2004 in Zoo.was a particular evening,things didn't get along the way she had planed but jah is always deh!!!big up upliftment.Being all over to reggae-festivals has enabled her to get in touch with artist like JUNIOR BANTON.whom she met 2005 at a reggae-bashment,in leipzig.Banton with more experience assists and wises her up where necessary.He did all the recording,mixing and stuff for her demo CD which she released on 2006."nuff nuff respect and love goes to him personally,he plays a big roll inna jah workbless ya.having been home lately to promote her CDwas a positive response,quite impressing and even had chances to collaborate with kenyan artist.was on air with one of the famous radio station dj-izraelvibration pon metro shows with black supremacy,some more shows.

A pity de holiday was over.shot some videos, in two days.".back pon zion to babylon"!having met artist like Daddy Freddy,Jah mason,Michael rose,at last years' reggae-jam,Mandingo warrior and Welton irie and talking to dem

personally has been an enormous inspirationin her young music carreer.

"wid de teaching of EMPEROR SELASSIE I;my songs writing skill has just started to blossom.with roots and reality themes coming to the fore as my love of rastafarai deepens.sela dawta ah trod wid a lioness heart inna babylon.mi de pon JAH WORK en fi nurture di talent as the struggle goes on,equal rights and justice fi all we jah children"!working on a new CD with riddims from different producers.voicing on shows,recently with "DOUBLE S.I.B in SAARBRÜCKEN.with SIRA PANTHER OUTTA BERLIN,JUNIOR BANTON OUTTA LEIPZIG.ISEH MATATAS' music can be found on the now popular musicians inity&.one love.

Have been lately touring through poland,Krakow,Bydgocz,Wadowice,Torunin reggaejam this year,sharing stage with the King of dancehall.Yellowman,Denis Alcapone,Cecile,Derrick Morgan,LT.Stichie,Ward 21,Tippa Irie,Lone Ranger,King Kong,Alton Ellis,Tenor Fly,G-Vibes,Ziggi just to mention afew=twende kazi!Bless.Onelove
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