I, Octopus

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Indie / Rock
Please send all booking inquires to ioctosteigner@gmail.com or ioctopusmusic@gmail.com
If outer space and and our Lynch-ian subconscious are the domain of bands like Metronome the City and A Living Soundtrack, then the murky depths of the sea belong (naturally) to I, Octopus, one of New Orleans’ premiere prog/jam rock bands. More gritty and organic than their contemporaries, I, Octopus’ first full-length, I’d Rather be a Lightning Rod Than a Seismograph, is the most fully realized version of this ever-evolving band to date, showing a maturity and restraint amidst so many possibilities. -Dan Fox, Antigravity Magazine
The 11 tracks contained on .…Lightning Rod are complex, yet organic, and present a very mature sound from a band that has worked tirelessly to carve a niche for themselves on the New Orleans music scene through years of steady gigging. What’s most striking about the album is how fluid this band is at manipulating dynamics. From the dreamy psychedelia of “I’m Not Sad I’m Just Curious” to the cracked-out video game feel of “Rag Tag Bunch of Apostrophes “ to the aggressive, rock-your-face-off audio assault on “Exponential Flatland Theorem” I, Octopus proves it’s not afraid to take chances. Covering such a vast musical terrain gives … Lightning Rod an epic quality, and the ease with which I, Octopus makes these transitions speaks volumes. -Mark LaMaire, Offbeat Magazine
"The Magpies Will Eat Your Ears Out if You Don't Stop Masturbating."
This is an actual track from I, Octopus, a New Orleans-based instrumental rock trio; and yes, the rest of their music is just as jarring and bizarre. But don't run from the beast just yet - I, Octopus delivers some of the strangest and energetic instrumental music in Louisiana. -Travis Leeper, Tiger Weekly
We have a track on the 2008 local music compilation "Songs From the Basement Vol. 6" produced by Tulane University's WTUL, a progressive New Orleans radio station. Other bands we are in: White Colla Crimes and Hat Talk
We have also released a split EP recording with our friends Metronome the City and our first full length album" I'd Rather Be a Lightning Rod Than a Seismograph"
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