Chicago, Illinois, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Down-tempo / Funk
Simian Robot
People having a good time is what Intel is all about when he is on the decks. From mash-ups to folk to hip hop all genres are covered. He's a guaranteed party starter. Intel got his start in the 90's watching and listening to Chicago burgeoning DJ scene, and eventually learned to mix using his brother's turntables. At first he would throw his own loft parties getting upwards of 200 people at every event. This started to build his reputation as a DJ which led to bigger gigs. Now you can find him playing records at weekly and monthly parties or even DJn for some of your favorite artists. From Africa Baambatta to Me'shell Ndegéocello, Z-trip to Lupe Fiasco Intel can hold his own. In the last two years he has perfected his craft, holding eight residencies at one time. He's from the traditional school of "break" DJn, so it's very common to see his name on flyers around the US for Various premiere breakdancing events. His name is associated with The Platter Pirates, Chicago Tribe, Scion Dashboard, The Comeups, Pugs Atomz, Formula Werks, Hip Hop 2000, Armory Massive and The Dirty 30.
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