Gornja Radgona, Sl
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Hardcore / Soul
Moonlee Records
A young three piece from Slovenia, existing since 1997. Music for the people, straight from the hearts spiced with a pinch of hardocre, punk, emo, socially critical and self critical lyrics.
IN-SANE started to play music in late 1997. We were just kids, who got their influences from local bands and bands like Bad Religion, NOFX and Pennywise. At first we were a five-piece which through years got smaller until today when we play as a three-piece. We're playing music to get away from everything todays system tries to suck out of us. We don't want to consume, watch the world get burned to the ground.we want freedom, we want to achieve it through our music, lyrics and the way we present ourselves. IN-SANE has always been a D.I.Y. project and remains until this day.
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