Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Punk / Rock
A-F Records
"Incommunicado's Losing Daylight captures the very essence of what a great debut album should possess: an intense mix of sincerity, curiosity, and self-discovery that will make this record be a distinctly defining moment in their lives. and yours. Dance-able and mosh-able, sing-able and scream-able. This shit runs the gamut. Three records from now, you'll be saying 'Yeah, they were cooler in their first record,' and to that I say, you try catching lightning in a bottle twice."---Chris 2 of Anti-Flag
"Incommunicado deliver an incredibly solid debut in Losing Daylight that should make its label heads proud. Take At the Drive-In's middle-to-late-era interpretations of Fugazi's most energetic moments and combine it with the brash march of early Against Me! and you have a palatable, volatile punk rock release in Losing Daylight. For good measure, Incommunicado keep the whole thing under a half-hour. Stuff as good as this could probably still be pretty fresh for another 10 minutes, but even their brevity is an admirable trait. Thumbs up."
"These guys have a lot going on here that calls to mind the late, great Refused. The urgency is breakneck, and there is an obvious amount of "Waiting Room"-era Fugazi worship in effect as well, but Incommunicado succeed in overcoming their obvious influences to craft a record that will definitely appeal to fans of modern day groups. Driving guitar and intertwining vocals keep Losing Daylight from slipping into the 'just another punk band' category. A young group for sure, Incommunicado still offer forth a hell of a lot of promise. This is a band to watch---Altercation Magazine
"Incommunicado is hands down the best punk outfit to come out of Pittsburgh, PA. Incommunicado released Losing Daylight, a full-length album, through A-F Records. It's described as "12 songs, less than 30 minutes of erratic punk rock . . . this will be your new favorite band!" Well, yeah. I think they are my new favorite band! In all of the tunes, the bass seems to be a prominent instrument with it's impressive fast riffs. Both guitars add to the speedy and erratic sound. The vocals are amazing. Chris, vocalist, has sort of a soothing voice even when he's yelling. Incommunicado really sounds like they are doing something different. I am backing them 110%. They deserve all the attention they can get. I love supporting bands that are doing something new and spanning every possible genre."

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