"Silangan" Kartel and Lion and the Scouts - Luna Festival at TIU Theater - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 17, 2015
Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community and Musikeraw Productions in partnership with TIU THEATER organized one of the most celebrated cultural events in Manila, the LUNA FESTIVAL last February 7, 2015.
The Luna Fest started in Cebu way back 2003 and was brought to Manila in 2012. It is celebrated quarterly and since then Luna Festival has gone through many levels. It is now one of the most popular and well-attended multi-art world music events in Metro Manila. Over the years, Luna Fest has gathered, in one day, more than 1,000 music, arts and culture enthusiasts and featured over 150 artists in last year’s biggest Luna Fest gathering.

With the goals of Musikeraw network, Luna Fest aims to create a solid music community who currently support and will help expand Pinoy Indie Music & Culture throughout generations, part of which is to showcase the best talents across different art forms representing the loyalists in the music scene alongside relative newcomers to the field. It also features Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community- the most sought-after popular drumming group today and Flow Arts Philippines Poi Artist Troupe- by far the best to represent fire dance in the whole of Philippines.

As this year’s version of Luna Fest and on its 3rd year in Manila, 2015 has the most interesting Lunar events taking place in the planet such as 2 red moons, blue moons, total and partial eclipses in the coming months. We have chosen the theme “Red Moon Rapture” for a series of Luna Fest that will take place on various locations in 2015. “Red” associated with the lunar events, passion for artistry in its most synergetic and euphoric state and February as the “red” month. Luna Fest having participated in Fete dela Musique, took a milestone forward as we are able to gather more following not limited to World Music genre fans and has penetrated in the music scene of Makati

List of Bands and performers:

Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community
Talahib PeoplesMusic
Jam Pérez Flamenco
Flow arts Philippines
Satinka Spoken word team
Kartel and lion and the scouts
Kadara Capoiera
Tambol Bayan

Artist on live painting session:
LJ Navera
Czarina Danielle Yap
Atsuko Yamagata
Marie Ikura


Digital film:
Tads Hughes Obach-Acosta

Live art Painting, Flow arts and fire dancing, Drum Circle, Rituals, bazaar and many more..

Video Production:
Cameraperson : Cris Balleta, Cezar Usana, Bylson Sy, Christian Dimitui
Edited by: Cris Balleta
Producer : Toshihiko Uriu
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