Kamnik, Sl
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Funk / Drum & Bass
Illusion Art is incarnated as a group of innovative artists inspired by the universal laws of creation. The reflection of it can be felt in different spheres of multimedia and various directions of art itself.
When the group started working back in 2001 they were dedicated to beat-making and MC-ing and by doing that they gaining and developing new skills in their own style and they manage to made unique sound signature in hip-hop, drum'n'bass, dub step, techno accompanied with there own design and visual production.
Their work also appeared as background music, for various short movies with their own original production.
Meanwhile making music production they successfully organized numerous events and art performances in different public places and clubs, through the country and abroad.
With its activities and programs, and formation of their own studio they fulfill the artistic needs of youth in various local communities and beyond. They organize appropriate audio-visual education programs in this way they insure the development of social-culture and promotion of young creative groups and individuals
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