if lucy fell

Lisboa, PT
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Afro-beat / Blues
rastilho - pt | lockjaw - uk | aloud music - es
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IF LUCY FELL was born in the year of 2004. Due to their ballet teachers’ lack of professionalism, Hélio M.-drums, Makoto y.-vocals, Pedro C.-bass and Rui C.-guitar, decide to hang up their ballet shoes and buy musical instruments.

The first demo-cd is released in 2005 and with it, IF LUCY FELL starts touring all the country calling the interest of RASTILHO RECORDS (pt) in releasing their first long play. Later in the year, the band signs also with LOCKJAW RECORDS (uk) for the UK edition.

2006 arrives and IF LUCY FELL decides that the best thing they can do to promote the first long play called “YOU MAKE ME NERVOUS” is to ruin their personal careers and university degrees, in order to find shitty jobs so they can start touring Europe.

Low cost airplane flights for the 2 UK TOURS, SANT FELIU FEST in Spain (THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES, PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS, etc), SUPER BOCK SUPER ROCK festival somewhere between ALICE IN CHAINS and DEFTONES, SODOESTE festival with BURAKA SOM SISTEMA, burned van seats in the euro tour (SPAIN, FRANCE, UK, GERMANY and LUXEMBURG) and a lot of other shows in their home land with THE VICIOUS 5, X-WIFE, AKIMBO, YOUNG WIDOWS, D3Ô, 20 INCH BURIAL, were pretty much what they did during the year.

2007 stars with a SPANISH TOUR, to promote the release of “YOU MAKE ME NERVOUS” through ALOUD MUSIC RECORDS. This one was also cool for the band to know the first Spanish venue from their home land mates THE GIFT. This is also the year that the band chooses to make a pause (in between the shows with THE BLOOD BROTHERS and THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES) in order to let their families forgive them and also record the second long play to be released in January 2008.

With the new album, the band expects make at least the same impact as the debut.

ROCKSOUND (UK) - 8/10 + feature profile

METAL HAMMER (UK) - feature profile

TERRORIZER (UK) - 7,5/10

BIG CHEESE (UK) - feature profile + feature song

BLITZ (PT) - 8/10 + entrevista + 19º melhor de 05

DN (PT) - 3/5

Y (PT) - 7/10
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