Icepick - Quicksand - 01 - Quicksand - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 16, 2011
Take a trip to memory lane in Dutch hardcore and reminisce one of the most promising bands from the Netherlands in the last decade. It was 2003 when a young band called Icepick put out a demo on Discontent Records. The 5 songs inspired by bands like Cro Mags, Bad Brains and the Icemen turned many people's head. I still remember setting up a show in a small pub and the weeks before you could feel the tension rising and before Icepick struck their first note, you knew the place would explode. Numerous shows throughout Europe followed and meanwhile the band got picked up by Not Just Words Records for their debut CD 'Goldrush'. This simply was the perfect follow up to their amazing demo. Some more Icemen and later-era Cro Mags influences were thrown in the mix, and all songs were delivered with so much precision, the harsh riffs, precious drum fills, the guitarsolos and the honest lyrics, you just had to bang your head to this one... 'Goldrush' got alot positive feedback and Icepick again played all over Europe. And then things got silent.

Until 2010 when a show in the Innocent, Hengelo (NL) was announced. Then on some trip to the UK, singer Emiel also noticed that there were 2 songs still unreleased, that Icepick would love to get out. Of course The Limit Records was very eager to do this job, so here we go.
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