Ibanez Guitars booth NAMM 2017 with Jason McNamara - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 19, 2017
Opening day of NAMM 2017 & I've already put together my first video for you all. As promised I'm starting with the Ibanez Booth. Enjoy & most importantly... SHARE!!!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I no longer work for Ishibashi Music. This is here purely for entertainment and historical purposes.

Filmed & Edited 100% by Jason the interviewer. For of my work you can go through this YouTube Channel and you can also visit my website at: www.jasonmcnamara.net

Captured 100% on GoPro cameras with thanks to Audio Technica & Zoom for the audio recording equipment.

Zoom F4 field recorder: https://www.zoom-na.com/products/field-video-recording/field-recording/zoom-f4-multitrack-field-recorder

Audio Technica System 10 Camera-Mount Wireless Microphones: http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/wls_systems/64268b9dcbed6cfd/

To contact me: www.facebook.com/JasonVideoMusicTokyo
or on Instagram: JasonVideoMusicTokyo
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