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It is not often that a band infiltrates the essence of your being, where you live and breathe their music and their words. But for many, the Berlin based IAMX has created a die-hard cult who wait for their every move with bated breath.

While most artists tend to see their art as a finite entity, IAMX's mastermind Chris Corner sees his music as ever evolving; morphing and shifting. open to interpretation and changes. IAMX mixes Chris' erotically-charged vocals with music that is, at once, frantic yet controlled. A full-on aural and visual attack.
In 2004 was the release of IAMX's debut album 'Kiss + Swallow' which has already been considered a classic, with songs such as the title track 'Skin Vision', 'Missile', and 'Sailor' among others, setting up a new sound many call 'Glam Noir'.

The follow up, their internationally acclaimed second album 'The Alternative', voted the Number One Album of 2007 by XM Radio, was the sound of an independent revolution offering the perfect "alternative" to the insipid radio drone of the mainstream.

With their third studio album 'Kingdom of Welcome Addiction', Chris Corner has created another masterpiece, in which the glam noir styling of IAMX got an organic and much more intimate makeover. The naked and raw emotions are embracingly welcomed on this album and coddled with care, from the vulnerable shuffle of 'Tear Garden' to the regal march of 'Kingdom of Welcome Addiction' to the late night primal dance floor rhythms of 'Nature of Inviting'.

His exposure of his tender underbelly however couldn't be more apparent (and beautifully presented) than in the ethereal ballad 'I Am Terrified' that is filled to the brim with emotion, passion and pain. The slinky 'My Secret Friend', featuring a duet with Imogen Heap, further pushes the boundaries for IAMX's music, as this is the very first duet Chris has ever done.

IAMX is currently planning the next chapter of their very storied history which includes a new album, 'Volatile Times', set to be released in March 2011.
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