Burlington, CA
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Alternative / Jazz / Pop
Today, in the world of music, accolades are won by way of cheap thrills, reverence is awarded for the most vogue fashion rather than superior musicianship, and discriminate audiences have abated in the presence of weary rhythm.

However, on the brink of oblivion, the dark age of medieval modernism awaits an enlightenment lead by only a handful of radical artists, among them, the virginal I Am Committing A Sin. The group, which has recently bloomed in wisdom and refined from the failed romances of youth, is exceedingly equipped to reunite alternative music enthusiasts with the excitement they once felt, much like an encounter with an old flame.

Each phrase of their every song evokes within the listener stirring pangs of pleasure and intense spasms of euphoria. The formidable arsenal that is I Am Committing A Sin threatens a disturbance in the state of things, to the point of an epidemic, pestilence both degenerative and infectious.

The band possesses equal parts propulsive spontaneity and aggressive energy and yet at the same time offers endless charm in melody and rhythmic quality. The very substance of the music is drawn from the enormous talent and mastery of each individual player combined with the ingenuity of their collaborative minds. Lyrically and philosophically the dynamo ensemble stands for principles of free inquiry, reason of mind and freedom of expression, thus providing all that is necessary for rock music to be potent again.

Reviews of "Grow Past Their Promises":

"An undeniably solid EP that shows IACAS are a step above in both content and construction." - Chart Attack

"Awesome choppy rock" - Vue Weekly

"Thrashy, intelligent, well-balanced stuff" - Hour
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