Helsinki, FI
Artist / Band / Musician
Psychedelic / Alternative / Funk
Stupido Records
In the beginning there were two men, guitars and a drum machine. Through the fog of asinine rhythms and primitive melodies trudged a vision of a real band, with a name and a mission. The Hypnomen was to spread the pagan gospel of instrumental rock and the unholy teachings of Master Link Wray all over creation. This was 1994. Soon the band expanded to a three-piece and used some crude gear to record their first noisy outbursts recordings. These were released on vinyl before a single note had been played in public. The trio soon found itself in the strangest places: As the house band for a Swedish game show, recording studios, rock clubs and festival stages. Supersonico, the debut album, was released in 1997 as a definitive document of the band's primitive early history.

The new millennium was upon us. A metamorphosis for a better future met the Hypnomen after the release of one LP, one mini-LP and a batch of rough little singles. The garage trio gave way first to a groovy quartet and, later, a quintet. Instead of earwax-scorching guitar noise, the new Hypnomen concentrated on the essential: The rhythms and colours produced by an expanding consciousness. On the Watusi 99 album, released in 1999, the band used a palette consisting of cool soundtrack tones and the following year's Trip with Satan was on fire with latin a go-go. In 2002, Andromeda Airport took all that had gone before and stuck it in the blender, somehow managing to produce a sense of cohesion. Two years later on their fourth album Crystal Skies, The Hypnomen added lush psychedelic soundscapes into the already rich mix of sonic ideas.

Now The Hypnomen is, musically, exactly what it wants to be. An acidic juggernaut floating on a heavy groove. The sound, drenched in Hammond organs, fuzz guitars and percussion brings to mind the timelessly radical past of rock music- yet, their energy and vision is totally geared for the future. Afro-headed funksters, ambassadors of love with their droopy moustaches, mohair-suited hipsters, hippie chicks drugged on freedom rock,space-age psychedelians and the children of tomorrow are all heroes in the Hypnomen's instrumental cosmos. The Hypnomen are not ashamed of their good taste, stylish record collections or sense of history. They use all this to make good music. March 2007 it’s time for their fifth full length album. Record is named aptly Dreaming Of The New Dawn and it’s definitely their deepest, most ambitious and even bombastic work so far. Hypnomen are lovers of music, who play for people who love music. We wish you love and heavy, heavy vibes.



Supersonico CD (Stupido Records, Finland) 1997

Watusi 99 CD (Stupido Records, Finland) 1999

Andromeda Airport CD (Stupido Records, Finland) 2002

Crystal Skies CD (Stupido Records, Finland) 2004

Dreaming Of The New Dawn (Stupido Records, Finland 2007)


We Three Hypnomen MLP (Suave Records, Sweden) 1997

Trip With Satan CD/ 10" (Gearhead, USA) 2000

Seasons of The Mind (Stupido Records, Finland 2005)

7” Singles:

Urge (Demolition Derby, Belgium) 1996

El Hombre Rojo EP (String Records, Germany) 1996

Sound of Silencer (Gas Records, Finland) 1997

Fuzz & Fight (Forever Blue, Sweden) 1998

From The Shadows of The Evil Empire (split w/Space Cossacks) (MuSick & Goofin Records) 1998

Lolita 99/Lucumba (Dolores Recordings,Sweden) 1999

Sinisteria (Wall of Hate) (Zorch, Sweden)2000

Altamont Boogaloo (Gearhead, USA) 2003
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