Human Toys

Paris, Fr
Artist / Band / Musician
Electronica / Psychobilly / Punk
Human Cattle inc.
HUMAN TOYS: Sexy, Powerful, Subversive.

Human Toys, the French duet of Emma Amaretto and Mademoiselle Poupée, navigate their audiences through the electro-psycho-punk landscape.
Their music takes you in a hotrod madly traversing the world of subversive fantasy. They pitch through garage, punk, and electro infuences with grindhouse and giallo scenery.
Emma Amaretto (guitar, programming, vocals) and Mademoiselle Poupée (vocals, theremin) defy standard female archetypes. Subversion is the name of the game and humor is the rule!
These spunky ladies bewitch their audiences, first igniting with devastating riffs then soothing with deadly allure.
Their evocative live performances are wild and enthousiastic displays of pure energy.
« Take a deep breath and ride with us… »

NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!
Check this Tom WAITS "Goin'Out West" cover.

El Punk no esta Muerto ! A video by HUMAN TOYS

Live in PARIS, Lorenzo Bang+Bang Party March 2009

More movies in the video space.

Mïrka Lugosi's web site

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