Hugh Mitchell

Nashville, Tennessee, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Acoustic / Regional Mexican
Born in California but raised in Alabama, Hugh Mitchell’s style bridges the gap between his western birthplace and his southern home. It's southern charm with west coast swagger and it's sensitive love with all the late night romps. Hugh was writing his own music by the time he hit puberty and was playing gigs before he was old enough to buy cigarettes. It was only a matter of time before there’d be a website, set of glossies and clever bio write-ups.

Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama was the perfect place to be exposed to a wide array of musical influences. Birmingham had everything from country and gospel to jazz and indie rock. Hugh drew inspiration from these traditions and the sounds of life around him to craft his own sound. It’s the sound of life speeding down the road on a motorcycle, post break-up. A sound we all know, but rarely listen to at high volumes.

Hugh made the move to Nashville and in 2006, he and guitarist Ilya Toshinsky recorded an EP together at Michael McDonald’s Lieper Fork Studios. He began writing and playing with other musicians in town and slinging pizzas at a local pizzeria. Late nights in front of a pizza oven and after-work beers in pool halls served as musical inspiration for Hugh. In the middle of blue smoke, neon lights, ex-cons and drug dealers he started writing the songs that would become his album, Heartbreak Radio. Hugh knew he had something with these new songs, so he put a band together, recorded an album and the rest is soon to be rock-n-roll history.
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