How I Became The Bomb

Nashville, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Formed June 2005 to make pop music.

We are big, strong men. We possess ring awareness. We have veteran presence. We have tremendous hand speed. We are long. We have wingspan. We have an EP. As we become more myspace savvy, we will change this here biography. Then we will regale you with our rapist wits.

Info And Booking:

Deadly Art
Download our latest release from our Official Site or from iTunes.

Hip Smacking Rhythms, Mordant wit and vocals that straddle octaves in a TESTES BETWIXT VICE manner. Disorder

Like Grandaddy after a steroid booster injection, their best songs wriggle impressively into life. NME

Mini albums are typically a bit rubbish, this is certainly not the case with this violent femmes-esque debut. Music Week

Ace Angular-Anthems The Fly

Everything that the self-concious We Are Scientists got wrong explodes into rightness on this Curveball debut. Uncut

A rollicking good listen, live or on the radio. I expect good things. Rob Da Bank

They may hail from Nashville but the Acely-named How I Became the Bomb are anything but country. Accomplished power-pop swathed in pure geek finery. Rock Sound

A Whole New Wave of Rhyhmic Geek Chic Artrocker

Make sure you catch em, you won't be disappointed and you'll get the chance to see how a real shimmy is done. DMC Update

How I Became the Bomb - Mothership

Deadly Art
Download our latest release from our Official Site or from iTunes.

An ANNUAL, encompassing the voluminous content in which you've hopefully already indulged, as well as selections of added importance available nowhere else. A blend of works re-sequenced for enhanced enjoyment, peppered with delectable new tracks, re-recordings of older favourites, and even a re-rendering of an obscure Paul McCartney song. Enjoy.


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