Hoven Droven

Östersund, Jämtlands län, Sw
Artist / Band / Musician
Folk Rock
Home Records
The closest English translations to Hoven Droven are "helter skelter" or "whatever," which happens to also describe the band's approach to their Swedish folk roots. Taking traditional melodies and rocking them hard is the band's most dominant approach, but they can also be quite melodic. But the band always seems to gravitate back to blowing your socks off.

"The overall feel is Erik the Red sets sail for Electric Ladyland, retaining one foot in Scandinavian prehistory, but rocking as hard as hard rock can rock." - Vmag

"This musical goulash works even better than the heated seats of a Saab on a blustery day in Duluth." - Ripsaw

"Perhaps Hoven Droven is God?" - Jim Foley, KXCI 91.3 FM

"The electric guitars, blistering fiddlework, and Höglund's power-house drumming shake the walls and rattle the windows .like surf-rock interpreted by crazed Vikings." - Pulse of the Twin Cities

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