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Limekiln Records and Think Fast! Records
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the "Power Of The Wolf" EP in 2006 (Limekiln),

"Waste Makes Waste" EP in 2007 (Think


"Split" with Lewd Acts in 2008 (Think


and the "Obsolete" EP in 2009 (Hellfish),

it appears time for that annual release from Arizona's bastard sons,

Hour Of The Wolf. "Decompositions Volume 1" is one half of a

complete collection from 'The Wolf and it's now available for

pre-order. Think Fast! co-owner and Hour Of The Wolf super-fan, Ryan

O'Connor details the release:

"One time in Tokyo, Addison and I were were talking about how

someday we hoped to team up to release an Hour Of The Wolf

discography. Two and a half years later we have half of it ready.so

at this rate, we will have Volume 2 ready in 2013. Okay it'll probably

come out sooner than that. But anyway, with all of the odds and ends

we've seen from Hour Of The Wolf (and never a proper full length),

this is a necessary collection, and a must-have for any fan of the

band. It's the first time any of the songs have been released on

vinyl, includes a new track which is grimiest they've ever written,

the entire "Power Of The Wolf" EP, and a bunch of awesome

cover tunes. It comes in a gatefold jacket, includes a digital

download coupon for those who don't have a turn table, and the first

press is limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl. With more headaches

than we care to count, we're very stoked for this release to finally

see the light of day." 

The first press of the release features clear blue with dark blue

swirl vinyl (limited to 200) and split red/yellow vinyl (limited to

300). There is a discounted package for the vinyl nerds who want to

order both colored vinyl versions of the record. Also worth noting is

that an Hour Of The Wolf coffee mug is being made available

for all pre-orders! We couldn't think of a more appropriate artist to

brand Think Fast!'s first ever coffee mug, and it's going to be a

limited run, with no promises to print more. Right now the mug is only

available when you pre-order the new record. Pre-orders are expected

to ship on November 2nd, with the official release date being November

9th. All pre-orders come with a free digital download coupon, and a

free, full color Think Fast! Showcase Tour poster. The showcase tour

hits most major U.S. cities this Fall and features Hour Of The Wolf,

Outbreak, and lots more. 

Not familiar with 'The Wolf? To put things simply, and at risk of

sounding cliché, Hour Of The Wolf is a band who likes to play by

their own rules. Combining a sound that fits just as nicely next to

the Misfits as it does Motorhead? Check. Touring with punk bands like

Against All Authority, metal-core bands like Bleeding Through, and

hardcore bands like Terror? Check. Going five years and purposely

avoiding putting out a proper full length album? Check. Hour Of The

Wolf is clearly not set to please anyone but themselves, and frankly,

we wouldn't want it any other way. Alternative Press described their

latest output as a "virtually

perfect blend of fever, passion and raucousness". "Decompositions

Volume 1" may very well be the closest thing to a full length

album that we ever see from Hour Of The Wolf - that is, until Volume 2

drops in 2011.




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