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Liquid Panda Records (self owned and ran!)
Hotpipes - The Future Is Where We Belong @ The End 9/11/08

The Hotpipes "Accidentals" from Lake Fever Sessions on Vimeo.

The Hotpipes "Future Bolt" from Lake Fever Sessions on Vimeo.

The Hotpipes "Respectable Street (XTC cover)" from Lake Fever Sessions on Vimeo.

Heartburn is caused by the reflux of acidic stomach fluids that enter the lower end of the esophagus, an ailment which a childhood friend’s mother referred to as having “hot pipes”. This is our name, our town is Nashville, Tennessee, and you are reading about us right now. We have been together for five years. Some of us are related, most of us have known each other since childhood, and all have played in multiple other bands you’ve never heard of. Two of us grew up in Alexandria, Kentucky, two of us are from Dayton, OH, and one by one we ended up in Nashville. In the past six months we have really hunkered down and focused on our writing, or goals, our identity and so on. This whole experience culminated in Dayton, OH where we spent a little less than a week in Daves parents basement writing new songs and honing some older ideas in. What has resulted of that magical week is eight little songs that are more representative of the ideas of the whole band than anything we have ever done. We called it "Future Bolt." These songs were historically documented by the ever amazing Battle Tapes here on the East Side of Nashville. "Future Bolt" is available at finer record stores everywhere, as well as online. The entire record is dedicated to the city of Dayton, OH and to all of the fine people who live there. It is also dedicated to the future and whatever in may hold. We just know we belong there. We hope you are as excited as we are! All of this will be happening thanks to the Liquid Panda!

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