Hog hoggidy hog-Aunty Trish - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 25, 2011
AUNTY TRISH - She lived on a little house upon the sea good friends with my family where every other Sunday we'd go her kids were the same age as me we played together happily the youngest Stevie he was my bro when my folks left me with her they knew that I'd be just fine coz Aunty Trish was highly strung and very big on discipline so she would always keep me in line and then one day she screamed and shouted at me threatened me with cutlery and told me that I was going to hell she couldn't believe I was so bad I shouldn't disrespect my dad and little boys should do as they're telled from then on and since that time every other Sunday I was always... on my best behaviour maybe coz I was scared of her except the day when I crashed the car now she's gone but still lives on in my memory now she's up in heaven and she's looking down on me she lived in a little house upon the sea that still sticks out so clearly in my memory she kept me in line with her cutlery Aunty Trish I know you're looking down on me Aunty Trish (Trish) Trish can you see me now Aunty Trish (Trish) Trish you must be so proud Aunty Trish I know that you can see me now Aunty Trish (Trish) Trish see I turned out just fine!
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