Hog hoggidy hog-Flag of freedom - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 25, 2011
FLAG OF FREEDOM - Wave the flag of freedom from inside the bastille walls brought up bred and brainwashed a new crusader wages war to shed the light to colonise the world civillise the savages outside democracy works so well when everyone's the same ignorant or blind it's hard to tell that some aren't like you and they don't like you coz meanwhile back in the jungle we get a different picture here on the streets in the squatter camps your dream no one can share tailored for elitists that our tribute feeds the might cultivating 3rd world anarchy what makes you think you got the right you call it liberation how can you still believe you're free controlled by wealth, tradition, fear or force we're still a controlled society a hopeless situation to win some have to lose the greed of all the winners is what we call ambition the xenophoebic melting pot's dillution will prevail and all the opposition must subside and now we cry for revolution well try revolve on this we don't need a new human system we just need a new human race.
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