Hörwerk Recordingstudio

Niedersachsen, De
Media Production / Recording / Mixing
Big Beat / Rock / Jazz
Der direkte Draht ins Hörwerk: 0173 / 89 456 23 oder 04223 / 380469

The Hoerwerk Recording Studio is a fully analogue equipped Studio of course with digital options.

It consists of a 64 sqm recording room, a small booth and the control room with the big Amek Angela Desk and the Telefunken 24 Track M15 Tape Recorder.

Therefore the Hörwerk Recording Studio is suitable for all kinds of recordings with natural instruments.

The Studio uses only the finest Mics and Preamps.
Hoerwerk also works with external Studios and

Hörwerk Studios is located in Bookholzberg, close to the
cities of Bremen, Delmenhorst and Oldenburg and is directly and easily
attainable through the Autobahn A28.
The 150m2 audio production facilily is equipped with a large tracking room, a
Vocal booth, the Control Room, the Lounge and also an office, a machine room and
the rest rooms.
The large tracking room with it's 64 squaremeters surface is built to
accommodate a variety of musical setups, perfectly qualified for any type of
music and any size ensemble, ranging from a solo guitarist to a full band. Not
only that this is very common for Jazz and Blues musicians, but it is also very
trendy in today's music production.
Next to the large room, the smaller Vocal booth is located. Acoustically pretty
much "dead", this room is perfectly suited for vocal oevrdubs and V/O
recording but can also be used as an Iso booth during a tracking session.
The heart of the Studio, the Control Room is hosting a 51 input AMEK Angela
Console next to a variety of tube- and vintage gear, tape machines and signal
processing equipment.
Monitoring is done through Genelec 1032's and Yamaha NS10 which gives nearly every engineer and producer a listening
enviroment that he or she is familiar with.
During breaks the Lounge is a perfect place to relax , make some coffee in the
small kitchen and crash in the cozy couches. On a beautiful day one can jump in
the nearby little lake for bathing or enjoy the gorgeaus landscape.

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