Copenhagen, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Rockabilly / Psychobilly
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Something's rotten in the state of Denmark, and it's called THE HITCHCOCKS. In just 3 years the band has proven to be the Danish punk rock entity to follow closely.
The 4 band members emerge from very different musical backgrounds and seemingly that serves the band just right. With past and present bands in various scenes such as death metal, crust punk, pop-punk and hardcore the band is capable of producing both a unique sound and imagery by combining their somewhat different musical influences.
THE HITCHCOCKS started out in early 2006 as a trio having a more punkabilly take on the horror punk genre; at this stage using a double bass. But within a little over a year the band wisely settled for the line-up known today and with a strict focus on the genre they master and perfect – tight melodic punk rock with obvious references to horror punk, old school punk and street punk.
As a live band THE HITCHCOCKS were soon a force to be reckoned with. Highly successful local shows around Denmark reassured the band that the possibility of taking these activities far beyond the Danish borders was as good as any. A short German tour stint in 2007 served as a tester and quickly established contacts all over mainland Europe for future tours.
So in 2008 the band went on a European headliner tour that included Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Denmark. Important to note is that this was still on the band's first demo CD put out in late 2007!
That tour raised interest with Denmark's biggest band, VOLBEAT, who were quick to invite THE HITCHCOCKS to play with them on their sold out national tour in late 2008. A chance unheard of for a demo band and naturally they were quick to jump to the opening.
Having just completed recording, mixing and mastering the debut album entitled "Blood Will Follow", THE HITHCOCKCS are now on the prowl for a dedicated label partner capable of taking the band to the next level.
"Blood Will Follow" offers 14 punk rock anthems, each one perfectly crafted and standout. Filled with aggression, whoa oh backing vocals, genre cross-over references and a lyrical content that draws heavily on the horror comic-book style, THE HITCHCOCKS are creating their own playpen and craving attention.
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