High Pressure Sound System

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Dub / Jungle / Reggae
High Pressure Sound System formed in January 2004 when three friends (Chris, Phil and Jon) with a mutual love of Dub, Reggae, Drum & Bass, Jungle and loud noise aquired a 1k sound system and decided to put on a night. The night was a success so more followed.
The sound system grew quickly with the addition of new bass boxes, and more bass boxes, and some mids and tops, and more bass boxes until it outgrew our house and moved to a lock-up. Somewhere along the way we met Urban Vox via the mighty operation sound who then went on to become a firm part of the crew as the official MC. Now with Oova on side and bunnington judah making appearences, along with a new wave of riddims the sound goes from strength to strength.
We've continued to put on nights in Leeds; including regular nights at the burley liberal, The Atrium and some at the Leeds West Indian Centre (home of the legendary Subdub), organised free parties and played at other nights and festivals across the north.
now the system has grown to be able to shake any venue and we've exteneded our reach to live PA use too. for info on sound hire, particularly dub, dubstep and d'n'b events, please contact us on myspace.
The artists, DJs and promoters we've hooked up/played alongside include the mighty sarantis and senseless crew bigfoot et al. inspirational Sounds/Dublab, Underground Roots, terry-T, ray kieth, markus intelex, simon and subdub, Top Cat, Tenor Fly, Daddy Freddy, Missing in Manchester, The Rootsman, Champion Soundz/DJ Lowlife, Pendulum, Bongo Chilli and Dan Man, D.Bo General, Terra Sound System, I-5 Quarter, Kaos Cru, Longshot, Compression Sound System, Operation Sound System, Bunnington Judah, Junglist Alliance bass camp, , symbiosis,, freedom masses, mungo's hifi, and more.
A Big-Up goes to Symbiosis Sound system who we join forces with for large sound sollutions, as well as the now regular burley liberal sound clash sessions to sharpen our skills. BIG UP!!!
respect. one tribe.
hp crew

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