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hi freaks

hi freaks adresses both maker and listener, dj and dancer, artist and consumer. They are all invited to follow the evolution of intelligent dancemusic and to enjoy the musical output of a young label. At the same time they are all called to influence this development.

Heads of the label are musicians from Hamburg and Bremen: Goldfish und der Dulz, in cooperation with Fritz Windish. We hope that you enjoy it!


hi freaks 001 - goldfish und der dulz: tritops

hi freaks 002 - goldfish und der dulz: plantage

hi freaks 003 - white trash: auf dem dach

hi freaks 004 - piemont: blue glass/ice instinct

hi freaks 005 - zimmemann: the return of horst jackson

hi freaks 006 - chpopsky

hi freaks 007 - goldfish und der dulz: hobby

hi freaks 008 - axel bartsch: easy

hi freaks 009 - goldfish: panic

hi freaks 010 - piemont: quantum leap

hi freaks 011 - scary grant: lacona

hi freaks 012 - larsson: berlin limited

hi freaks 013 - zimmermann: big mouse in miami

hi freaks 014 - piemont: etage superieur

hi freaks 015 - karolin mueller: blinky with agaric remix

hi freaks 016 - david keno: same circus different clown

hi freaks 017 - larsson: tiny tools

hi freaks 018 - Kotelett & Zadak: Angela

hi freaks 019 - Soukie & Windish: Occasus - with Larsson & Piemont Rmx

hi freaks 020 - Piemont - Bumping in the Air: with David Keno Remix

hi freaks 021 - Goldfish & der Dulz: Anarchie unter Palmen

hi freaks 022 - suedmilch: close to the past

hi freaks 023 - kotelett & zadak: dr. schumanfu

hi freaks 024 - hey karolin: sleeping, dancing, laughing

hi freaks 025 - larsson: get down

hi freaks 026 - findling: gotta feeling

Out Now:

hi freaks digital 03 - Pscheid & Gene - break even ep
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