Hidden Disturbances

San Salvo, Chieti, IT
Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Progressive / Experimental

EMAIL/MSN: hiddendisturbances@gmail.com
PHONE: +39-3493701044


HD is one of the most original and talented Metal Bands in Italy. It is formed by four determined and hard working guys, able to show great technical skills and a all-involving live performance. HD has rapidly gained great success by winning several national music contests like “StarSprint2006”, and taking part in many benefit music festivals . In 2006, HD has been one of the few bands to bring Metal Music on the NATIONAL TV, performing during the show "La Vita in Diretta", on RAI UNO, the biggest channel of Italian public TV. After that, HD was invited in other TV shows and grabbed the attention of national newspapers and major labels. Unfortunately, they received very strict contracts that make them to decide to remain independent; meanwhile they continued to look for a large metal label able to recognize and appreciate HD skills and originality. In 2007, Hd published its first self titled instrumental EP and received important reviews from national metal magazines like “Metal Maniac” and "Rock Hard". At the moment, HD is working hard on the debut album.

The increasing success of the band is due to the strong personality of its members:

Saverio Tarantini, virtuoso guitarist and composer, gathered a lot of live experience during his exhibitions in many musical events and concerts. He won the 5th and 6th edition of the International Music Contest in the city of Atri (Italy), a competition which gathers artists from all over the world. He played also at The Human Rights Day, an event held in the theaters of Loreto Aprutino and Città Sant’Angelo, two nice cities in the Italian Region of Abruzzo. Another important experience in his curriculum is the opening of the great american drummer Greg Bissonette concerts in 2005.
He has already written his first guitar method, addressed to all who want to play in his original style; the book has been presented and publicized with a tour in the largest Italian and European cities, such as Pescara, Rome, Milan and Amsterdam. The method will be available soon on this page. In his daily life Saverio is a guitar teacher and arranger, so he spends many hours of the day practicing guitar .
Said about Saverio:

“yeah you’re amazing… a young guitar promises” - Michael Angelo Batio (famous american virtuoso guitarist)
“I don’t like neoclassic rock music but you’ve a great musical ideas…well done” - Greg Howe (famous american jazz fusion guitarist)
“great guitar player” - Greg Bissonette (well-known session man who has played with David Lee Roth, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Deep Forest, Vasco Rossi)
“a person who shouldn’t do nothing else than playing in his life” – Fabrizio Massignani (Journalist for Metal Maniac Magazine)
“ragazzo quanti anni hai? (lui risponde 17) Cao all’età tua avrei dato una gamba per suonare così! Continua così…” (Ehi guy, how old are you? - When he said 17- o my god! At your age I would loose one of my legs to play like you! Keep it up!”) - Marco Cardone (James La Brie band)
“la semplicità d'esecuzione con cui suonava fraseggi di indubbia difficoltà tecnica, fa' capire che chiunque può imparare a suonare uno strumento, ma comunque sono pochi quelli che stringono un patto col diavolo” (through the simplicity with which he played phrasing with a high level of technical difficulty , it is possible to realize that everyone can play a music instrument, anyway very few people make a pact with the devil) - Vincenzo Scardapane (Music Journalist)

Daniele Colaneri, keyboarder and back vocals, completely self-taught refused to take any lessons and this permitted him to create an original style without schemes. He has learnt to play shred guitar theory thanks to the great friendship with Saverio and then he applied it to the keyboard. Yes, he plays keyboard like a guitar! In the real life he is a student.

Fabrizio Spinelli, bassist and songwriter, an old friend of the band newly added. He started his musical career playing accordion and learning music theory, but later he realize that the bass was becoming his first passion. High skilled and neurotic walking bass. In the real life he is a student and also a very experienced pizza maker!

Gianmarco Borgia, drummer and devastation, is a precise and talented drummer. Like the others components, he spends many hours of the day doing practice. He achieved a very big experience playing with many bands from classical rock to death metal. Powerful and precise rhythmic motor. In the real life he is a reliable paymaster.

Said about Gianmarco:

“è bravo ed ha uno stile tutto suo, dinamico, veloce e potente” (he’s good and he has his own personal style; dynamic, rapid and powerful) - Franco Rossi (well-known Italian Drummer and Music Teacher)

HD offers a live show of over 2 hours of music. The show is made up with special care for both music and entertainment. The repertoire is composed mainly by original songs composed by the band (both instrumental and singed), also some covers are included. Their music has been defined like a fusion among classical rock ethnic music which creates a very original and unusual atmosphere.


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